Vastu For Interior Decoration

We make plan for your interior decorations and match it with the recorded method of vastu rules. As well as we perform in open area.

We pay attention :-
• Type of work and features of concern unit and their nature of work.
• Which color fascinated to deity and lord of concern direction and work, which color support and which color create problem.
• Type and shape of furniture and wood as well as in other material in office.
• What kind of pictures, scenery and nature of it.
• Show pieces and other related stuffs.
• Counter Placement of water related article.
• Statues of lord and other statues.

By the ancient recorded method of vastu knowledge we do balance of all aforesaid areas of your place with the nature as well as nature of your work. if we find any short coming than we balance it with miner changes and coordinate interior decoration of industry with the basic element of your work.